Our Clubs Office Bearers 2016/2017

President - Doug Fulton

Secretary - Greg Saunders

Treasure - Rebecca Goss

Sergeant of Arms - Michael Cooke

Rotary Club of Claremont Committees 2016-17

Executive Board Positions

President - Doug Fulton

Secretary - Greg Saunders

Treasurer - Rebecca Goss

Vice President - Eric Myers

Board Committees

Club Service (Incl. Membership) 

Garry Sargent - Chairperson

Kevin Clark

Paul Grubb

Brian Harrington

Lorraine Dyson

Community Service 

Eric Myers - Chairperson

Greg Saunders

Della Slater

Malcolm McGinn

Peter Walker

John Parker

International Service 

Eric Lown  - Chairperson

Malcolm Clark

Geoff Goss

Darren de Lacey

Anne Simpson

Vocational Service 

Michael Cooke  - Chairperson

Robert Goudsouzian

Gerard Strickland

Peter Murphy

Graham Cowie

Dennis Bordin

New Generations 

Lillian Smith  - Chairperson

Malcolm McGinn

John Parker

Della Slater

David Hurd

Geoff Goss

Non-Board Committee

Fundraising & Entertainment Committee 

Michael Cooke & Eric Lown  - Chairperson

Greg Saunders

Doug Fulton

Eric Myers

Lillian Smith

Rebecca Goss

John Parker


President - Doug Fulton

Secretary - Greg Saunders

Treasurer - Rebecca Goss

Past President - Garry Sargent

Director - Club Service (Incl. Membership) - Garry Sargent

Director - Community Service - Eric Myers

Director - International Service - Eric Lown

Director - New Generations - Lillian Smith

Director - Vocational Service - Michael Cooke

Director - Rotary Foundation - Jack Parsons

Director -

President Elect - 


Bulletin Editor - Lillian Smith

Guest Speakers Program - Greg Saunders

Sergeant at Arms - Michael Cooke

Welfare Officer - Lillian Smith

Protection Officer - Paul Grubb

Fundraising & Entetainment Committee Chairs - Michael Cooke & Della Slater

Public Relations Officer / Grants - Eric Myers

Web Page - Eric Lown

Face Book Control - Rebecca Goss